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80 Rape Cases for the Month

80 Rape Cases for the Month End of July, 2009 Dearest Friends and Family: I have contemplated, written, rewritten, saved, and deleted so many posts that I could have a small book by now.  When …
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Wings of Hope

“Wings of Hope” It’s always a little staggering when your feet touch the soil of Africa. You realize the light coming from the heavens is different, the sky a rare color of blue, and the …
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Arrived in South Africa

Arrived in South Africa I have arrived safely in South Africa for the first leg of my journey.  I was expecting to update the website regularly while here but my laptop was stolen between Cairo …
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Manhunt Update

Manhunt Update For those of you that have asked for an update on the manhunt, here is the latest: The police finally captured him on Monday morning.  However, the Investigating Officer called me today to …
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The Transition

The Transition Dearest Friends, I am flooded with a range of feelings: elation, fear, anticipation, and fatigue.  I am also grateful ~ always grateful. For the past month, the sun has taken leave.  It is …
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Ubuntu “Ubuntu is very difficult to render into a Western language.  It speaks of the very essence of being human. When we want to give high praise to someone we say: ‘Yu, u nobuntu.’ Then …
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