A Miracle

Dearest Friends,

Today, I am grounded in a place of renewal, gratitude, and joy.  For those of you who participated in the group prayer/intention last Sunday, my greatest thanks!  Magnificent things happen through collective efforts and energy.  I have passed my halfway point and September 30th is day 100!  I am OK.  Life is not always easy, but it is always rewarding.  I have benefited tremendously from the power of prayer, as well as the love and support from you, my friends.  I told my adopted Mom today “I am swept up in a force of love, protection, and goodness.”  I know I have written this before, but it feels important to emphasize that I am not in this alone.  Your support, prayers, and love keep me strong and focused when I feel weary and helpless.  I feel extremely privileged to have you in my life.  Thank you.

Last Monday marked incredible strides forward.  As you may have read in my earlier posts, I have been determined to help Lady Fair get a roof and walls for her house.  I have run into obstacles left and right, yet still trusted that it would all work out.  The main problem I encountered was that Lady Fair does not own the land where her home is located.  We have been told that any improvements I make to her property would most assuredly get Lady Fair kicked off the land; the line of deed holders would see the improvements, force her out, and “sell” it to someone else.  Lady Fair lives on tribal land, which passes from hand to hand by illegal deeds.  I wanted assurances that long after I leave South Africa, Lady Fair will still have a safe, dry home for herself and the 11+ children she cares for.

Without options left, I decided to shoot for the stars.  With a bit of luck, I attained the number of a member of the African National Congress.  Within 24 hours, I scheduled an appointment for Lady Fair and myself to meet him.  I made copies of the photos I had taken of Lady Fair’s house and prayed for the right words to come forth.   During the meeting, it was as if time stood still.  The politician listened without interrupting, and he looked at the photos with care and genuine heart.  He looked us in the eyes.  His secretary stepped in to remind him that his scheduled appointments were lined up and waiting, but he continued to take his time with us.  I told him how Lady Fair helps so many in her community, and explained that only 2 of the children living with her were her own, the rest orphaned.  I explained that I needed his help in finding property to legally purchase for Lady Fair, so that I could raise money to build her a safe and dry home.  I showed him photos of the inside of her house, where gaping holes caused streams of water to flow during powerful rainstorms.  I told him how the howling winds threatened to send her roof sailing from beneath the rocks that held it in place.

The man told us that all of the land in this particular area was corrupt and nothing could be legally purchased because it had passed through so many false deeds.  I asked him where I could purchase property for Lady Fair that could stay in her name.  He thought for a minute and began looking through paperwork.  He then looked up and said, “I will grant Lady Fair a piece of government land.  It is within a rural development program.  Her parcel of land will come with running water and electricity.”  Because my plans are to leave in December, I told him I needed a guarantee that Lady Fair would have this land, and that she and the children were safe.  He guaranteed me and signed the papers in front of us.  The land will go in Lady Fair’s name.  She will have running water for the first time in her life.   I will be able to begin purchasing the materials required to help build her a home.  The politician also told us, “I will make every attempt to have Lady Fair on that land before you leave in December so you can rest knowing she is safe.”

Lady Fair and I thanked the man profusely and walked outside into the parking lot where we both broke into tears of joy.  Lady Fair threw her head back and her arms up in the air, fell on her knees upon the wet pavement and thanked God.  I was on my knees hugging her and we were laughing and crying all at once.  She told me she never dreamed something like this could ever happen to her.  I assured her, “You are worthy of this and so much more.”  What a miracle!